About Us

Scholars can use the cadii as an all-in-one tool, designed with their well-being in mind.

In rural areas where facilities are limited, the cadii is well-suited to the learners needs.

Most parents with school-going children expressed the dire need for a differently designed carrier case. Current products on the market are inadequate in meeting the requirements of pupils having to carry lumbering loads of books and school accessories. An in-depth research revealed shortcomings of products currently on the market.

Advanced features are:

Durability – the frame is manufactured from high quality Polypropylene.  The cadii is developed to be robust and long lasting under normal operating conditions; and

Silent operation - strong Polyurethane wheels which run on 2 bearings and a rust proof axel ensures durability and silent operation.

Silent Operation

The innovative cadii alleviates spinal strain and in-so-doing, prevents future back ailments. To pull the cadii, a telescopic steel handle is firmly mounted to the main box.  A fixed Polypropylene handle mounted on the casing facilitates comfortable lifting.  Cadii is developed to be pulled only.

Promotes Muscular Development

Serves as a Seat – The lid is purposly shaped into a seat.

serves as a seat

Desk top – When opened, the cadii can be used as a desk top.  Fixing two cadiis back-to-back, the scholar can sit on the ground using the lid as a convenient work surface.


Water Resistant - The design of the lid ensures that Cadii is water resistant, protecting books and personal belongings.


Lockable – Using any locking device the Cadii can be locked to safeguard books and personal belongings.


Storage compartment - Within the Cadii lid, separate storage compartments can be used as a space case and lunch-box while a third compartment provides storage for additional items such as a towel or raincoat.

Writing tablet – The internal cover of the main lid can be written on with a white board marker only, not pencil. The scholar can use this part of Cadii as a tool for making notes.

Storage compartment  The main storage compartment, 23,7l in volume, is totally adequate for all books as well as sporting clothes or equipment. 

main storage compartment

Colours – Cadii will be available in most colours or in a colour prescribed by your school.